How Long Does it Take to See the Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract?

“This stuff is a SCAM!” 

“This just doesn’t work!”

“I’ve been taking Green Coffee Bean Extract for a week and I don’t see results!”

..and the list goes on. By now you must have heard at least one of the above mentioned comments. It’s normal to question a product’s ability to give you the “claimed” benefits. However, in this case, consistency is the key!

If you’re consistent in your weight loss plan, you will see results. It takes time to actually see results because every individual’s body responds differently, so don’t panic just after a week of consuming the Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Some have reported after taking it for a year of losing around 40 pounds, whereas, people taking it for 3 weeks have lost 10-11 pounds. Hence, time is important. Keep taking it and give it some time to work. Don’t make the same mistake that every other person makes… giving up before even getting started! So, give it at least a month to start seeing results.

Here are some signals to know if you’re getting results:

  • Frequent urination.
  • Clothing beginning to get loose.
  • Sweating.
  • Decreased bloating.
  • Decreased appetite.
  • Sudden urge to eat healthy foods.
  • Sudden urge to stay fit through exercising.

In the first week you may notice that your stomach bloating has gone. You will feel more energetic and feel like eating healthier meals day-by-day. However, it may take yet another week to actually experience inch-loss.

Little signs give you clues if you pay attention to how your body is responding. Initially, the signs will be related to your body’s better functioning and an improved mood.

Eventually, you may start running back and forth to your bathroom (Green Coffee Bean Extract helps remove the toxins from your body). As the days pass by and you stay CONSISTENT, you will begin noticing results.

Therefore, don’t stop taking it because you didn’t lose weight in the first few days. Give it some time to work and you WILL see results. [read more...]

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